Las Cruces Tex Mex, a premier Mexican restaurant in Metairie, has been captivating the hearts of food lovers with its unique blend of flavors. Nestled in the vibrant community of Metairie, this restaurant stands out not just for its delicious Mexican food but also for its commitment to using healthy ingredients. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the healthiest ingredients that make Las Cruces Tex Mex a go-to destination for nutritious and flavorful meals.

Fresh Vegetables and Legumes

At the heart of Las Cruces Tex Mex‘s culinary philosophy are the fresh vegetables and legumes, foundational pillars for anyone seeking a balanced and nutritious diet. The inclusion of ingredients like roasted hatch chile, cilantro, pico de gallo, and guacamole transcends mere flavor enhancement; these components are densely packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, contributing significantly to overall health.

The menu’s emphasis on grilled baby portobello mushrooms and squash introduces a robust and nutritious vegetarian option, catering to a wide array of dietary preferences. This thoughtful selection of ingredients highlights Las Cruces Tex Mex‘s unwavering commitment to crafting dishes that are not only rich in flavor but also in nutritional value.

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Savory black beans and rice, a classic side dish at Las Cruces Tex Mex, showcasing the best of Mexican food in Metairie.

Lean Proteins

Protein serves as the building block of a nutritious diet, and at Las Cruces Tex Mex, the focus on lean protein sources is evident. The restaurant carefully selects smoked chicken and grilled shrimp for their menu, offering patrons high-quality protein options that are both low in unhealthy fats and abundant in vital nutrients. These lean proteins are an ideal choice for diners eager to savor the depth of Mexican food in Metairie without sidelining their nutritional goals. By integrating these proteins into their dishes, Las Cruces Tex Mex caters to health-conscious individuals, ensuring that the rich flavors of their cuisine can be enjoyed guilt-free.

Whole Grains and Healthy Fats

Complementing the lean proteins and vibrant array of vegetables are the whole grains and healthy fats, essential components for a nutritionally balanced meal. Green chili rice and pinto beans stand out as exemplary sources of fiber and complex carbohydrates, providing diners with lasting energy and supporting digestive health.

Moreover, the strategic inclusion of aged cheddar cheese and avocado introduces a layer of healthy fats, particularly beneficial for cardiovascular health. These ingredients do more than just elevate the culinary experience; they enrich the dishes with indispensable nutritional benefits, making every meal at Las Cruces Tex Mex a wholesome, satisfying, and healthful journey.


Las Cruces Tex Mex is more than just a Mexican restaurant in Metairie; it’s a haven for health-conscious diners eager to enjoy their favorite Mexican food without compromising on nutrition. By weaving healthy ingredients such as fresh vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats into the fabric of their menu, Las Cruces Tex Mex stands as a testament to the possibility of a dining experience that is immensely satisfying.

Whether you’re a resident of Metairie or just exploring the area, a visit to Las Cruces Tex Mex at 2935 Airline Drive in Metairie, Louisiana, is sure to satisfy your cravings for authentic Mexican cuisine while keeping your health in check.